Tuesday, March 4, 2008


There is a meeting scheduled for 6:00pm Thursday at the Skyland Fire Department.
Charles Thomas has arranged to have Bob Crumley, who is the current front-running candidate for the State Attorney General, come to the Skyland FD at 6PM this Thursday to meet with area residents to discuss the CTS situation.

Bob has expressed an interest in assisting us in forcing the State to enforce the laws that are being broken. See a link to his website below.

I would encourage everyone to come at 6PM to meet Bob, ask questions and express your concerns.

Following this discussion attorney Gary Davis will be discussing issues with the lawsuit against CTS. The 90-day waiting period is coming to an end and Gary is preparing to file the lawsuit, including the additional claims. At the meeting, Gary will be going over each claim as it relates to each plaintiff.

This meeting is primarily for current clients, but is open for those who are considering joining the lawsuit before it is filed.

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